The Reducers with Roger C. Reale

The Reducers with Roger C. RealeRoger first met The Reducers in 1978 at a club in Waterford, CT, the Alipuma Lounge, shortly after the Rue Morgue LP was released and they formed an immediate friendship. The Reducers introduced Roger to New London when he opened for them at Ba Ba O'Reillys shortly thereafter.

Hugh Birdsall recalls:

I remember first hearing about Roger C. Reale from Nelsen Adelard whose band used to play frequently in the New London area. They were on the same label as Roger (Trod Nossel's Big Sound Label) along with The Scratch Band (GE Smith, Christine Ohlman, et al.). Nelsen described Roger's voice as an instrument that could peel the paint off walls. So of course we wanted to see and hear this.

Our first opportunity was a Trod Nossel showcase at the Alley Puma Cafe in Waterford (aka Picardi's). Roger was one of the opening acts. His band virtually exploded onto the stage - loud, aggressive, catchy, in your face. He had Suburban Joe (I think) on drums, and Bob Rose (later to join the Stratford Survivors) on guitar. Bob had rock star looks and poses, and a big guitar sound that filled out the trio sound nicely. Roger was manic and witty, and just careened through the set. He was all over the stage, crashing into Bob, and assaulting Suburban Joe - sort of like The Jam, the first time we saw them at the Rat. Needless to say we were all blown away, instant fans.

Then we got the album and it was fantastic even though the production was kind of weird and the guitar was sometimes out of tune. It didn't matter. We listened to it constantly and even learned some of his songs.

Roger's song "High Society" has made regular appearances in The Reducers' set lists for years, and they recorded their version of it during the sessions for their Shinola CD and finally released the recording on their Old Cons CD. Peter Detmold also played guitar on some of the Manchurians "One For All" CD.

Wake The Neighbors

The Reducers with Roger C. Reale - Wake The Neighbors (Rave On Records TGP1003)1987 / Rave On Records - TGP1003

EP Liner Notes

Herein lie three trackes - not from chance meeting, but a long-term mutual admiration society. New England's premier pub rocking outfit The Reducers called upon longtime local hero Roger C. Reale (poet laureate of the Nutmeg State) to collaborate on a one-off recording project. Purpose: to rock unmercifully. Would I mind producing? Not half. Nobody ran out of steam until the job was done & the brews were decimated; one day's work guaranteed to keep the home fires burning until a full album can be completed. Turn it up, grab a slice & wake the neighbors!

-Jon Tiven

1. Rock It To The Kremlin (Reale) - 3:05
2. I Can't Take It Anymore (Reale/Tiven) - 2:59
3. Didn't We Have A Time (Reale/Reducers) - 2:34

Produced by Jon Tiven
Engineer: Jon Russell
Recorded at Presence Studios, East Haven, Connecticut on October 17, 1987
Photo by John DeNardis
Promotion by Robert K. DeRosa

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