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This section lists songs that he has written or co-written that have been recorded by others plus his unreleased recordings and songs that I don't think have ever been recorded.

Songs Recorded By Others

The Reducers ("High Society")

The Reducers - Old Cons1993

This is a song that appeared on the Rue Morgue LP. It was recorded by The Reducers as a warm up during the 1993 sessions for their "Shinola" CD. It was finally released on their "Old Cons" CD in 2003.

Mitch Weissman - Tip of the Iceberg

Mitch Weissman - Tip of the Iceberg1998

Mitch Weissman performed the part of Paul McCartney in the original Beatlemania show. All four songs on this CD were co-written by Roger and Jon Tiven. Jon was Mitch's producer and he suggested that Mitch record these songs that Jon and Roger had written but never released. So Mitch and Roger reworked the songs a bit and Mitch put them out as an EP. Roger eventually released his own recording of "Frozen" on the first Manchurians CD. Mitch's CD is available through The Fest For Beatle Fans web site.

1. She's Older Now (Reale/Tiven/Weissman)
2. The Last Laugh (Reale/Tiven/Weissman)
3. Frozen (Reale/Tiven/Weissman)
4. Make It Be Over (Reale/Tiven/Weissman)

Buddy Guy ("Midnight Train")

Buddy Guy - Heavy Love1998

This is a song that Roger co-wrote with Jon Tiven. Recorded by Buddy Guy as a duet with Johnny Lang and it appears on his Heavy Love CD.

Tab Benoit ("Deal With It")

Tab Benoit/Debbie Davies/Kenny Neal - Homesick for the Road1999

Roger co-wrote this track with Jon Tiven and Jimmy Vivino, the guitarist for the band on Conan O'Brien's show. Recorded by Tab Benoit and included on the Tab Benoit/Debbie Davies/Kenny Neal "Homesick for the Road" CD.

Freddie Scott - Brand New Man

Freddie Scott - Brand New Man2001

Freddie Scott had his first hit in 1963 with "Hey Girl". On this CD he's joined by an impressive list of guest musicians which includes Felix Cavaliere (Young Rascals), Isaac Hayes, Peter Wolf (the J. Geils Band), Graham Parker, John Waite, Muzz Skillings (Living Colour), and guitarist Robert "Butch" Johnson. Roger co-wrote most of songs with Jon Tiven, Jon's wife Sally, and Freddie Scott.

1. All I Wanna Do Is Sing (Reale/Scott/Tiven/Tiven)
4. Your Love (Reale/Tiven/Tiven)
5. Everybody Loves Soul Music (Reale/Scott/Tiven)
7. Midnight Train (Reale/Tiven)
10. Yes Man (Reale/Tiven/Tiven)
11. Look Into Your Soul (Reale/Scott/Tiven)
12. Last Night (Reale/Scott/Tiven)
13. Don't Reward The Sinner (Reale/Tiven/Tiven)
15. Locked In A Mystery (Reale/Tiven/Tiven)

B.B. King ("Yes Man")

B.B. King - Here and There: The Uncollected B.B. King2001

This is a song that Roger co-wrote with Jon Tiven. It was written for Albert King but he passed away before they got the song to him. It was recorded by B.B. King in 1998 and it appears on his Here and There: The Uncollected B.B. King CD (2001).

Ellis Hooks ("Your Last Chance")

Ellis Hooks - Undeniable2002

This is a song that Roger co-wrote with Jon Tiven and Ellis Hooks. It appears on Ellis Hooks' Undeniable CD (2002).

Michael Burks ("I Smell Smoke")

Michael Burks - I Smell Smoke2003

This is a song that Roger co-wrote with Jon Tiven. It is the title track on Michael Burks latest CD. This recording was nominated for a 2004 Handy Award in the Blues Song of the Year category. These awards are sponsored by The Blues Foundation.

Johnny Winter ("I Smell Smoke", "Last Night")

Johnny Winter - I'm A Bluesman2004

The legendary Johnny Winter covers two songs that Roger co-wrote with Jon Tiven on his latest CD Johnny Winter, I Am A Bluesman.

Unreleased Recordings

Midnight Train sessions (unreleased)


A total of about a dozen tracks were recorded at Hartford Studio 45 with guide vocals. These included earlier versions of all the songs found on The Manchurians first CD except for "Storm Warning" and "Frozen", plus the following additional songs:

Unreleased Songs

Glen Matlock, the original bassist for the Sex Pistols, recorded "We Want Action" (Reale/Tiven/Tiven) but apparently it was never released.

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