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Roger C. Reale (The Band)At some point the name of the band became the Roger C. Reale Band. My guess is that this happened after Hilly Michaels departed Rue Morgue. The initial line-up included Roger, Bob Roze on guitar and Suburban Joe on drums. Tim Stawarz later replaced Roze on guitar. This second line-up released a 3-song 7" EP titled "Clout" in 1981. A sax player (Eric C.?) was added to the band after the EP was released. Trod Nossel Studios still has some copies of this release for sale.

The band broke up in 1982. Suburban Joe later joined the M80's and Tim Stawarz later played in Motive8 and most recently The XYEli Band. Bob Roze later joined the Stratford Survivors.

Clout (7")

Roger C. Reale - Clout (TNAEP-3007)1981 / Trod Nossel Artists - TNAEP-3007

1. Hold On Tight (Reale) - 3:35
2. Where They Go (Reale) - 2:21
3. She'll Remember Me (Reale) - 2:49

Production: Richard P. Robinson
Executive Producer: Thomas 'Doc' Cavalier
Recorded: Trod Nossel Studios
Photography: Robert K
Design: Vanessa Nobile

Unreleased Recordings


On audience recording of a Roger C. Reale Band gig at Rosalini's in Pawcatuck, CT (Feb. 10, 1980) Roger referrs to a couple of songs as coming from their upcoming second LP, "Reptiles In Motion", so at that point in time there was still a plan to release these songs although it's not clear if they would have been the versions recorded with the second Rue Morgue line-up or if the RCR Band would have re-recorded them. The songs mentioned on the audience tape are:

  Charlene (later renamed "She's Older Now") (Reale)
  Point Blank (Reale)

Live Recordings


I've heard two audience recordings of Roger C. Reale Band shows. The set lists for those shows are as follows:

Rosalini's (Pawcatuck, CT) - Feb. 10, 1980 (w/Bob Roze on guitar)

1. Do Just What You Want (James Brown)
2. Trouble Boys (Dave Edmunds/Rockpile)
3. High Society (Reale)
4. Dear Dad (Chuck Berry)
5. Stop & Go (Reale)
6. Come On, Let's Go (Ritchie Valens)
7. Holding On Tight (Reale)
8. Personality (Reale)
9. Two Wheel Revolution (Suburban Joe)
10. Where They Go (Reale)
11. Bye Bye Johnny (Chuck Berry)
12. She'll Remember Me (Reale)
13. Rock It To The Kremlin (Reale)
14. Reach For The Sky (Reale)
15. But It's Alright (J.J. Jackson)
16. Charlene (Reale)
17. Point Blank (Reale)
18. Come Back Strong (Reale)
19. Where They Go (Reale)
20. Promised Land (Chuck Berry)
21. Please Believe Me (Reale)
22. Madonna's Last Stand (Reale)

Shaboo Inn (Willimantic, CT) - April 16, 1981 (Opening for Joan Jett, w/Tim Stawarz on guitar)

1. High Society (Reale)
2. America (Reale)
3. Holding On Tight (Reale)
4. Personality (Reale)
5. Best Friend (English Beat)
6. Joker In The Deck (Suburban Joe)
7. End Of The World (Reale)
8. Surfing In Jamaica (Tim Stawarz)
9. 9 O'Clock (The Snips)
10. Stop & Go (Reale)
11. Where They Go (Reale)
12. Rock It To The Kremlin (Reale)
13. Staring At The Rude Boys (The Ruts)

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